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This beautiful Donald Trump Commemorative Coin is the perfect collector's item and a great way to honor our 45th president for generations to come.

We Are Now Offering Donald Trump Commemorative Collector's Coin For A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Claim it Now!


☀ Trump gold plated coin,1.57" diameter, 0.12" inches thick.

☀ Material: Zinc Alloy +

☀ The obverse bears the president Trump with the American flag superimposed,"Donald J Trump, make America great again,45th commander in chief"

☀ The other side was a bald eagle with the national shield, "seal of the president of the United States”

☀ Each coin with one transparent, smooth and stronger plastic case.

☀ Use:government personnel president gift, novelty coin commemorative.

ORDER yours TODAY while supplies last.

Note: Please Allow 3-5 Business Days For Delivery

Trump Gold And Silver Combo Coin
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